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"Bugle Calls For The British Army"
"Bugle Calls For The British Army"
Droit [2002] TRCD 224 [2 Compact Discs]

Routine Bugle Calls for the Infantry & Mounted Infantry in Camp & Quarters:
Officers [89]/Company Sergeant-Majors of Infantry [90]/Company Quartermaster-Sergeants (Colour Sergeants) of Infantry [91]/All Non-Commissioned Officers [92]/Orderly Sergeants [93]/Orderly Corporals [94]/Band [95]/Drummers or Buglers [96]/Signallers [97]/Pioneers [98]/Double [99]/Orders [100]/Orderly Room [101]/Post Call [102]/Warning for Parade [103]/Quarter Call (before Parade) [104]/Fall In [105]/Dismiss or No Parade [106]/Parade for Guard [107]/Fatigue [108]/Defaulters [109]/Sick [110]/School [111]/Rations [112]/Parade for Piquet [113]/Alarm (for Troops to turn out under-Arms) [114]/Fire Alarm [115]/Officers' Dress for Dinner [116]/Officers' Dinner [117]/Sergeants' Dinner [118]/Men's Meal (1st call) [119]/Men's Meal (2nd Call) [120]/Salute for Guard (to be used on all occasions when bugles are required to sound a salute & the General Salute [122] is not used) [121]/General Salute (for field-marshals, generals, lieutenant-generals & major-generals) [122]/Reveille (also known as the Long Reveille) [123]/Rouse (also known as Reveille) [124]/Charlie Reveille/Retreat [125]/Tattoo (1st Post) [126]/Last Post (Tattoo) [127]/Lights Out [128]. Field Calls for Mounted Corps: Charge [1]/Alarm [2]/Forward or Advance [3]/Walk [4]/ Trot [5]/Gallop [6]/March [7]/Halt [8]/Annul or as You Were [9]/Troops Half-Right/Troops Right Wheel [10]/Troops Half-Left/Troops Left Wheel [11]/Form Line [12]/Retire or Troops Right (or Left) About Wheel or (for Artillery Sub-Sections Right About Wheel [13]/Squadron Columns/Squadron Columns to the Right/Squadron Columns to the Left [14]/Pursue [15]/Rally or Close to the Right/Rally or Close to the Left [16]/Mass to the Right/Mass to the Left [17]/Attention [18]/March at Ease or Sit at Ease [19]/Stand to Your Horses [20]/Mount [21]/Dismount [22]/Fours or Sections About [23]/Front [24]/Troop Column [25]/Column of Troops [26]/Head of Column or Heads of Columns, Change Direction Half-Right/Head of Column or Heads of Columns, Change Direction to the Right [27]/Head of Column or Heads of Columns, Change Direction Half-Left/Head of Column or Heads of Columns, Change Direction to the Left [28]/Squadron Leaders - Right [29]/Squadron Leaders - Left [30]/Continue or Commence Firing [31]/Stand Fast or Cease Firing [32]/Draw or Return Swords [33]/Carry Swords or Lances [34]/Slope Swords or Sling Lances [35]/Trail Lances [36]/Prepare to Mount or Dismount [37]/Execute Orders Received [38]. Field Calls for Mounted Corps: Charge [43]/Alarm [44]. Bugle Calls for Remembrance Day Services: Last Post: 2 Minutes Silence, Rouse - Last Post: 2 Minutes Silence, Long Reveille - Last Post: 2 Minutes Silence, Naval or 'Charlie' Reveille

Item #TRCD 224 [CD]

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