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This Recording we don’t stock but we can obtain the compact disc if you wish to order it as mainly classical music. We can send you a PayPal invoice or you can telephone 01732 222 296 with your details.

The Countess of Wessex’s String Orchestra “Palace Premieres” Major David B. Hammond [World Premiere recordings of British Music for String Orchestra, performed at the Royal Palaces]
MPR [2019] CWS 001 [Compact Disc] £13.00 

In Rural England, op. 72 Suite: A Pastoral/Playfellows/A Country Tune/Meadow-Fairies/Festivity (Thomas F. Dunhill) – Cold Winter Nights (Peter Thorne) – Annie Laurie (Alicia Scott, arranger Fred Hartley) – In Georgian Days [Gavotte from Rosmé] (Roger Quilter) – Blow the Wind Southerly [a Northumbrian for Folk Song] (traditional, arr Harry Dexter) – Intermezzo ‘Forget-Me-Not’ op. 22 (Allan Macbeth) – Shepherd’s Delight: Spring Woodland/Hush Song/Shepherd’s Rondel (Alex Rowley) – Iris & Lavender [Concert Waltz] (Peter Wilson) – Pastoral Scene (Frederic Curzon) – Fragment for Strings (Bertram Walton O’ Donnell) – Shenandoah/Billy Boy (trad, arr Eric Thiman) – Nocturne for String Orchestra, op. 17 (William H. Speer) – Rivers of Devon Suite: [Tamar] Stately Ships Ride Out to See/[Dart] Waters Flash & Leap/[Torridge] Dusk Deepening Between the Hills/[Lynn] Through the Wild & Woodland (Ernest Markham Lee) – Suite of Seven Pieces: A Toye/Giles Farnaby’s Dreame/Giles Farnaby’s Conceit/His Rest [Galiard]/His Humour/A Maske/Tower Hill (Giles Farnaby, arr Granville Bantock)

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Military New Releases 2018, 2019
Wind Bands
& on Front Cover of Website.

Royal College of Music Wind Orchestra
“John Philip Sousa: Music For Wind Volume 19”
Keith Brion
Naxos [2017] 8.559839 [Compact Disc] £9.00

Second Fantasia from ‘El Capitan’ (arranger V. Ragone) – Non-Comittal Declarations – On the 5.15 [Humoresque] (arr J.P. Sousa) - ‘The Bride Elect’ Selection – The Fighting Race - The Band Came Back [Humoresque] (David Guion) – Sheep & Goat [‘Walkin’ to the Pasture’] (arr J.P. Sousa) – Turkey in the Straw (Sousa, arr D. Guion)

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Military New Releases 2018, 2019
& on Front Cover.

“Buxton Military Tattoo 2019”
Private [2019] Buxton 2019
[2 DVD Set PAL Only] £19.00

The National Anthem (arranger Gordon Jacob). 162 [Stockport] Squadron RAF Air Cadets Band: Game of Thrones – Drum Corps Mix – ‘Top Secret Drum Corps’ Set. Yorkshire Volunteers Band & Corps of Drums: Voice of the Guns (K.J. Alford) – Blaze Away (Holzmann) – Sparks (K.J. Alford) – Ilkla Moor (arr M. Hardman). RAF Waddington Pipes & Drums: Pipe Major Angus (MacDonald)/My Home Town (MacLellan, arr MacGhee) – Towerhill Dreams (Matheson) – CAS Quickstep (MacGhee)/Cearcal a’ Chuain (C. MacDomhnaill & R. MacDomhnaill)/Itchy Fingers (traditional, arr Matheson) – Lord Lovat’s Lament (Lucas)/Flett from Flotta (MacLeod)/Battle of Waterloo (MacKay) – Steamboat (trad)/Cock O’ the North (trad)/Atholl Highlanders (Ross). Nottinghamshire Band of The Royal Engineers: Washington Grays (Grafulla) – Spanish Fever (Chattaway) – Through Bolts & Bars (Urbach) – Royal Engineers Quick March: Wings. Emerald Isle Dance Team: Sharon Shannon Reels/Lord of The Dance/Drum Tattoo/42nd Street Reels. Army Cadet Force Combines Bands: One Voice (Manilow) – Thunderbirds (Gray) – Rock Around the Clock (Freedman & DeKnight) – Yakety Sax (Rich & Randolph) – Derby Ram (trad). Mercian Regiment Band & Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Band: Arromanches (Kelly) – By Land & Sea (K.J. Alford) – Heart of Oak (Boyce) – RAF March Past (Davies). Massed Bands: Standard of St. George (K.J. Alford) – God Bless The Prince of Wales (arr Roberts) – Highland Laddie (trad) – Killaloe (Martin) – 79th Farewell to Gibraltar (MacDonald) – Theme to ‘Crimson Tide’/Eternal Father/Last Post (Zimmer, Johnson) – Lest We Forget (Samson) – Scotland the Brave/Black Bear (trad)/Glorious Victory (Kendall)

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Military New Releases 2018, 2019
Military Music - United Kingdom [under Royal Marines Band]
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“Mountbatten Festival of Music 2019”
HM Royal Marines Massed Bands
Lt Col John Ridley, Captain Steve Green,
Captain Sam Hairsine, Captain Tom Crane
[Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London]
Chevron [2 Compact Discs Set] CHVCD 50
[Compact Disc] £12.00

CD 1: Heroes Unite Fanfare (Brian Tyler, arranger Captain Daryl Powell) - Vanguard [New March] (Band Sergeant Dan Page) – The Matrix [Main Theme] (Rob Dougan, arr WO2 Bandmaster Russ Young) - Walcheren [Drum Display] (Buglers Lewis Crowe & Mike Thomas) - Norwegian Pirate (Thomas J. Bergersen, arr WO1 Bandmaster Ivan Hutchinson) – Mulberry Harbours March (Louise Denny) – Colas Breugnon Overture (Dmitry Kabalevsky) – Der Klaviermeister (Ludwig van Beethoven, arr Band Sgt. Hannah Trudgeon & on piano) – Traumerei (Robert Schumann, arr Major John Perkins, Daniel Bennett, flute) – Pipe Dream! (arr Band Sgt. Mike Smith & Musician James Stammers) – Relight the Magic: Never Forget/Could it be Magic/A Million Love Songs/Shine/Rule the World/Relight my Fire (arr WO2 Bandmaster Trev Naughton). CD 2: The Greatest Show [from the film “The Greatest Showman”] (arr WO1 Corps Bandmaster Simon Tripp) – A Trumpet Legacy: West End Blues/Trumpet Blues/Cantabile/Summertime/Star Trek Theme/A Night in Tunisia (arr Band Sgt. Nick West, Band Corporal Mark Upton, trumpet) – Share the Tradition [Drumming Feature]: Arabi/The Adventures of Joe 90/Crazy Army (Ed Lemley) – The Final Countdown (Joey Tempest)/Love Changes Everything (Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr Lt Phil Trudgeon) – Overlord: Turn of the Tide (Band Colour Sgt. Gareth Keachie) – Heart of Oak (William Boyce, Lyrics by David Garrick) – Sarie Marais – A Life on the Ocean Wave – The Sky & The Dawn & The Sun

Black Watch compact disc back in stock now.

Black Watch [Royal Highland Regiment] Band,
Pipes & Drums
"Royal Highlanders" WO1 T. Calton,
Bandleader BNA 5069 [1992] [Compact Disc] £10.00

Advance/Come Ye By Atholl - Atholl Highlanders/Lord Alexander Kennedy/Brown Haired Maiden/The Steamboat/Scotland the Brave/Road to the Isles - Hogtie's Reel/Tom Fraser's Special/On Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores/Patty's Choice/McPhedran's Strathspey/Dinkys/The Hawk/Price of the Pig/Bottle the Boat - Impressions on A Scottish Air - My Home/The Highland Cradle Song/Skye Boat Song/Corriechollie's Welcome/The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie - Royal Highlanders -Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother/Dunkirk Boatman - Wha Saw the 42nd/Happy We've Been Together - Hebrides Suite - Drunken Piper/Cercall A'Chuain/The Jolly Beggarman - Andy's Lullaby/Archie MacKenzie of Dumbarton - Army of the Nile - Scots Wha Hae - Dark Island/Itchy Fingers/The Clumsy Lover - Distant Hills - The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended - Last Post/Auld Lang Syne - Regimental Lament: Sleep Dearie Sleep - Scotland the Brave/Black Bear/Highland Laddie


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Trinity Laban Wind Orchestra
"John Philip Sousa: Music For Wind Volume 18"  Keith Brion
Naxos [2016] 8.559812 £9.00 [Compact Disc]

The Merry-Merry Chorus - The Stag Party - Among My Souvenirs [Symphonic Sketch] - The Charlatan Suite [Incidental Suite]: Social Laws/The Faithless
Knight & the Philosophic Maid/Golden Cars/Mazurka (arranger Keith Brion for
Wind Band) - Chris & the Wonderful Lamp: Fanny - March of the Pan-Americans Part 2: Mexico/Nicaragua/Panama/Paraguay/Peru/El

“70 Jaar Garde” [“70 Years Garde”]
Dutch IMMS [2018 Booklet in Dutch]
IMMS2018-1 £15.00 [Compact Disc]
[70th Anniversary of the Three Guards Regiments in the Dutch Army: The Grenadier Guards, The Rifles, The Fusiliers “Princes Irene”]

Fanfare Band of the Grenadiers, O.L.V. Kap Harry van Bruggen: Grenadiers Marsch (François Dunkler, Sr.) – Jager-Defileer Marsch (Willem Hendriks) – Mars van de Prinses Irene Brigade (Petrus W.H. Lammers) – Monuments of The Netherlands (Louis J. Andriessen) – Onder Het Oog des Konings (Anne Posthumus) – Dogs of War [Main Title] (Christopher Lennertz) – Jubilæum Feest Marsch (Johann H. Völlmar) – Jubileum Marsch (Dionisius F. Bandel) – Guards Hundred Fifty (Adriann C. van Leeuwen) – Pro Patria (Ton van Grevenbroek). The Traditional Hunting Horn Corps of the Rifles, O.L.V. Ruud Böhmer: De Bataljonscommandant (J. Henk Jansen) – Royal Lion (Ruud Böhmer) – Frame of Mind (Krijn Smits, arranger Ruud Böhmer) – Frogs Revival (Michel Dobma) – The Jolly Huntsman (Krijn Smits) – De Valkenier (J. Henk Jansen) 

HM Royal Marines Plymouth Band
“Onward & Upward!” Major Huw Williams
[Marches & Concert Music of Ray Woodfield]
Chevron [2018] CHVCD 49 £12.00 [Compact Disc]

Onward & Upward! – Curtain Up! – Russian Cavalry - Concerto for Trumpet – Russian Circus Music – Theme & Variations – Walkabout – Varied Mood – La Verbena – Trumpet Éclair – The Blue Band – Kent Police March – Capriccio for Band – Showcase – Ragtime March – Trumpet Charisma – Amsterdam

HM Royal Marines Massed Bands
“Mountbatten Festival of Music 2018”
[Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall]
Lt Col J. Ridley
Chevron [2018] CHVCD 48 £12.00 [2 Compact Discs Set]

CD 1
: Fanfare for the Fleet Commander (Gareth Keachie) – The King’s Badge (Gareth Keachie) – Lux Aeterna [from the film ‘Requiem For A Dream’ (Clint Mansell) – Western Front Lewis Crowe & Mike Thomas) – Vindictive (Russ Young) – Zeebrugge (Peter Sumner) – Isabella Overture Franz von Suppé) – Pequeña Czarda (Pedro Itturalde) – Meditation [from ‘Thais’] (Jules Massenet) – Flight of the Bumble Bee Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov) – Spectrum: I Got Feeling/I Got You (I Feel Good)/True Colours/And I Guess That’s Why They Call it the Blues (arranger Nick West). CD 2: Star Wars (John Williams) – España Rhapsody (Emmanuel Chabrier) – Stairway to Heaven (arr Phil Trudgeon) – Appalachian Spring (Aaron Copland) – The Captain General (Sir Vivian Dunn) – Never Forgotten (Gareth Keachie) – Evening Hymn & Sunset (arr Andy Spain) – Rule Britannia (Thomas Arne) – Heart of Oak (William Boyce) – Sarie Marais – A Life on the Ocean Wave (Kappey)

HM Royal Marines Plymouth Band
“Military Musical Spectacular - Beating Retreat 2018”
Lt Col Jon Ridley [Studio Recording]
Chevron [2018] CHVCD 47 £12.00 [Compact Disc]

Army of the Nile (K.J. Alford) – Birdcage Walk (Steck) – Wellington March (Zehle) – Audax (J. Horner) – St. Symphorien (N. Cansfield) – Sarie Marais (Toonsetting, arr Dunn) – Fanfare for the Fleet Commander (G. Keachie) – Zeebrugge (Zehle) – Gibraltar (R. Waterer) – Preobrajensky (Donajowsky, arranger Dunn) – By Land & Sea (K.J. Alford) – King’s Badge (G. Keachie) – Salute to the Lord High Admiral (Kortbeek/Keachie) – San Remo (Reilly) – Versailles (Horner/Paine) - Wing Commander (David Arnold & Kevin Kiner, arr Hutchinson) – Captain General (F.V. Dunn) – Astute (G. Keachie) – Royal Legacy (S. Fothergill) – National Emblem (E.E. Bagley) – Never Forgotten (G. Keachie) – Evening Hymn & Sunset [Be Thou My Vision] (arr Andy Spain) – Heart of Oak (Boyce) – A Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell, arr K.J. Alford) – The Voice of the Guns (K.J. Alford) – Shrewsbury Fair (Neville) – HM Jollies (K.J. Alford)

These Three Compact Discs Aren’t New but are back in stock.

“Tidworth Tattoo 1933”
IMMS [taken from 78rpm recordings] ARC 1 £11.00 [Compact Disc]
Various British Military Bands  
conducted by Drum Major V. Farro & H.W. Simpson.

Fanfare/Trumpet March/First Post/There’s Something About a Soldier (Gay) - William Tell Overture (Rossini) - Cavalry Brigade/Auld Robin Gray/The Farmer’s Boy/Fall in & Follow Me/Put Me Amongst the Girls/Long Long Trail A-Winding/Ypres Salient - The Sanctuary of the Heart (Ketèlbey) - The British Grenadiers/Land of Hope & Glory (Elgar)/The Day Thou Gavest (Scholfield)/God Save The King - Marching Along Together (Steininger, Pola & Hylton)/Marching Through Georgia/Marche Militaire (Schubert)/Men of Harlech/The Farmer’s Boy - John Brown’s Body/Old Folks at Home/Changing of the Guard (Flotsam and Jetsam)/Auld Lang Syne - Washington Grays (Grafulla) - Under the Double Eagle (J.F. Wagner) - Action Front (Blankenburg) - Tidworth March (Stopford) - The Bullfighters (Kottaum) – Marche Militaire (Schubert) - Eternal Father (Dykes) - The Day Thou Gavest (Scholfield)

“Tidworth Tattoo 1934 & 1935”
IMMS [taken from 78rpm recordings] ARC 2 £11.00 [Compact Disc]
Various British Military Bands

1934: Conducted by Drum Major E. Connolly & H.W. Simpson.
Royal Artillery Retreat Call: Trumpet March (Callaghan) - The Skye Boat Song - After the Ball is Over/I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles/White Horse Inn/Two Lovely Black Eyes - Land of My Fathers (James James)/Love, Life & Laughter/The British Grenadiers/Cavalry Brigade/Feu-de-Joie - Poet & Peasant (Suppe)/Soldiers’ Chorus from Faust (Gounod) - Fifty Years of Song/Soldiers of the Queen (Leslie Stuart)/Where Did You Get That Hat? (Henry J. Sayers)/Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay/The Man That Broke the Bank (Fred Gilbert)/I Love a Lassie (Harry Lauder)/Waiting for the Robert E. Lee/Swanee - Sambre et Meuse (Planquette) - In a Monastery Garden (Ketèlbey) - Passing of the Regiments [comprising]: Punjab (Payne)/Teufels/Hand in Hand - Tidworth March (Stopford)/Coburg - Jerusalem (Parry)/Cavalry Last Post/The Day Thou Gavest/God Save The King.
1935: Conducted by Drum Major E. Connolly & T. Francis. Fanfare (Moon)/I Passed by Your Window (Brahe)/Gommecourt (Winter)/Motorcyclists/Preobrajensky (Donajowsky)/Action Front (Blankenburg)/56 Brigade (Moray) - After the Ball is Over/Bonnie Dundee/St. Patrick’s Day/The Road to the Isles/Rule Britannia (Arne)/Come Back to Erin/Men of Harlech/Highland Laddie/Cock o’ the North - Wee McGreegor (Amers)/London Suite: Westminster (Coates)/Tidworth March (Stopford) - Back of Benachie/Land of Hope & Glory (Elgar)/The Day Thou Gavest/God Save The King

“The Founders: A Tri-Service Military Music Showcase”
[Especially Recorded by the Bands of all Three Services for the Silver Jubilee of the International Military Music Society, 2002]
Chevron [2001] Un-Numbered £11.00 [Compact Disc]

Royal Marines Plymouth Band, Lt Col Richard Waterer: Drum Salute: The Founders (L. Cullen) - Plymouth Hoe (J. Ansell) - Bugle March: HMS Ocean (R.A. Waterer) - Dance Movements (P. Sparke) - Baroque 'N' Roll (K. Peers, arranger Cole). Royal Air Force Central Band: Wing Commander Robert Wiffin: Colas Breugnon Overture (D. Kabalevsky, arr. Hunsberger) - Pavan: Sicut Aquilae [As of Eagles] (R. Wifin) - Lover (R. Rogers, arr. Martindale) - Spitfire Prelude & Fugue (W. Walton, arr. Hingley). Royal Engineers Corps Band, Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Corps Band, Fanfare Trumpeters of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, Lt Col Geoffrey Kingston: Staffordshire Yeomanry (G. Kingston) - Duke of Cambridge March (M. Arnold) - Triumphale (G. Pascuzzi) - Coronation Bells (T.W. Partridge) - Evening Hymn & Last Post (arr R. Tulip) - A History of Military Music [Narrator: Richard Powell]: Royal Salute/King’s African Rifles Song/Golden Spurs/The English March/The Scots March/Drummer’s Call/Mother & Three Camps/Point of War/Old Mother Reilly/Trot/The Interrogative/The Charge/Figaro/Land of My Fathers/Steamboat/William Tell Overture/Retreat Call/Fife & Drum/Milanollo


DVD-BIT 034 [DVD is PAL Only] £24.00

Combined Bands of the British Army Reserve,
Lt Col Wayne Hopla:
Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment,
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers,
Mercian Regiment Band,
Army Medical Services Band,
Royal Yeomanry Band [Inns of Court & City Yeomanry], Nottinghamshire Band of the Royal Engineers,
Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Band

Polish Border Guard Band: Captain Leszek Mieczkowski

Tirol Police Band: Michael Geisler

Moscow Military Academy Cadets Band [Russia]: Pavel Terhekin

Tattoo Massed Pipes & Drums:
Seaforth Highlanders Pipes & Drums,
Cambridgeshire Caledonian Pipe Band,
Southern Highlanders Pipes & Drums

Royal Air Force Air Cadets National Band,
Squadron Leader Andy White MBE

National Marching Band,
Major Paul W. Norley, Corps Sergeant Major Tom Trickett

National Marching Band

Comets Performance Ensemble

Field Gun Competition

British Flyball Association: Northants Falcons Flyball Team

Wreath of Respect Motorcycle Riders

UK Freestyle Disco Display Team

The Queen’s Colour for No. 1 School of Technical Training

Parade of Massed Standards