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Music For Remembrance
"Monasterivm" [1664-1998] [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]

Various German Bands
CD 16344 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £13.00 

Berlin Wind Orchestra
"Salute to Hans Hartwig"
N 25 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £13.00 

Das Stabsmusikkorps de Budeswehr [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]

“Der Grosse Zapfenstreich mit Serenade und Deutschlandlied”

BCD 7122 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £15.00 

Heeresmusikkorps 300 [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
BCD 7181 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £12.00 

Kaiser's Musikkorps [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
“The Kaiser’s Musikkorps of The Great War 1914-1918”

Un-Numbered [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £13.50 

Landes-Polizei-Orchestra [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
CD 5912 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £14.00 

Landespolizeiorchester Brandenburg [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"Sinfonische Bläsermusik 2"
MVSR 053 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £13.00 

Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei Berlin
“Der Berliner liebt Musike” 
040501 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £12.50 

Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei Berlin [Stock Available: 1 Copy]
“Deutsche Marschmusik Vol. 6”

041001 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £12.50 

Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei Berlin [Stock Available: 2 Copies]
“Deutsche Marschmusik Vol. 4”

031001 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £12.50 

Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei Berlin [Stock Available: 2 Copies]
“Deutsche Marschmusik Vol. 5”

040301 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £12.50 

Polizeiorchester Potsdam [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
“Louis Ferdinand Prinz von Preßen – An mein Potsdam” 
35913CE [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £10.00 

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